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Small Town Teams, Big League Dreams

Small Town Teams, Big League Dreams

TLL Division Rules & Procedures

In an effort to remain consistent throughout the course of the entire season, the board of directors has established a set of  “Local League Rules" which are within allowances beyond the official Little League Rules.  The approved rules will clearly define the expectations of game play at each level.  These guidelines establish the structure that will keep all coaches, players, parents, and umpires on the same page.

TLL  Softball will follow the regular season and mixer local rule set established by MD-2 and approved by those leagues operating softball programs.
MD-2/PA-14 Softball Local Rules

Tee Ball

Tee Ball Overview
The Tee Ball Division is the Little League's introduction to baseball or softball for players ages 4-7.  Players learn the basics of the game, including batting, throwing, catching, baserunning, positions, and general rules.  The focus is on skill development and practice opportunities.  A small number of games are offered to give players a chance to apply the skills learned.  Game are non-competitive, and score is not kept.  Practices and games are generally about an hour in length.  Players use the tee while batting, but will also have opportunities to hit a pitched ball from a coach.

We are always looking for managers and coaches at the Tee Ball level.  It is a rewarding experience, and is not as difficult as you may think.  Little League Baseball provides a curriculum to follow, and TLL will support its coaches.  If you are interested in coaching a Tee Ball team, please contact [email protected]  

TLL Tee Ball Rules

• Tee vs. Coach Pitch Expectations:
• Games 1-2, teams may use the tee for all 3 innings
• Games 3-4, pitching is required a minimum of 1 inning
• Games 5-6, pitching is required a minimum of 2 innings
• Games 7-10, pitching is required a minimum of 3 innings

• The coach will give each batter 3 pitches (pitches, not strikes). If the pitch is clearly unhittable the coach is allowed to give the batter an additional pitch
• If the ball is not put in play by the 3rd pitch, the batter will then hit off a tee
• In the event the 3rd pitch is fouled off, the at-bat will continue with coach pitch until the batter puts the ball in play or swings and misses

• Runners will advance one base at a time
• The last batter in each inning will make a complete trip around the bases and the team in the field should remain in their positions until the last batter has crossed home plate

• The entire roster will hit each inning
• No outs will be recorded
• We do not keep score at the tee-ball level
• Players should be rotated to different positions every inning
• The batting order should be rotated every inning
• The catcher MUST wear a catchers helmet with mask at all times
• Players must line-up to shake hands at the completion of every game

• No games will end after a half inning, as both teams should get equal opportunities to hit

• All games will have a 1 hour time limit

Coach Pitch Division Baseball

Coach Pitch Division Baseball Overview
The Coach Pitch Division, sometimes called Instructional or Machine Pitch, is the second level in the progression of skills development for baseball and softball players.  This level is recommended for players ages 6 - 8.  Age 5 players may participate if they have completed a successful season at the Tee Ball level, and have demonstrated an above average skill level.  Players at the Coach Pitch level will bat against coach or machine pitching.  A schedule of games is provided to continue further understanding of game play.  Games are non-competitive.  There are no scores or standings at this level.   Practices are typically 60 - 90 minutes in duration, and games are generally 90 minutes in length.  

TLL Coach Pitch Division Baseball Rules

• 5-Run maximum per inning
• The inning is ended when 3 outs are recorded or 5 runs are scored, whichever occurs first
• Strikeouts are recorded as an out

• Runners may not advance on any overthrow
• Runners may advance a maximum of two bases on an extra base hit

• Coach pitch and Machine pitch are both acceptable at the instructional level
• Regardless of the method selected, each coach and/or machine must pitch from the same distance

• Each batter will receive 5 pitches to put the ball in play
• If the batter swings and misses at the 5th pitch, a strikeout is recorded
• If the batter fouls off the 5th pitch, the at-bat will continue until the ball is put in play or a strikeout occurs
• If a batter happens to throw the bat, he/she will get 2 warnings. Any bat thrown thereafter will be considered an automatic out

• Player pitch will not be permitted, however, it is strongly encouraged that coaches introduce the basic fundamentals of pitching during practice sessions

• All games have a 1 hour and 30 minute time limit

Minor Division Baseball

Minor Division Baseball Overview
At the Minor Division, players are introduced to "player pitch."  This level is recommended for players ages 8-11.  Players age 7 can participate if they have previously demonstrated strong skills and understanding at the coach pitch level.  Players age 12 can only play at the Minor level if a waiver is approved through MD District 2 Little League.  A full schedule of games is provided, and this is the first level where scores are kept during games.  Prior to the season, all players registered for the Minor division will participate in a Player Evaluation to assess skill level and determine appropriate placement.

This document may downloaded via THIS LINK

Game Start/End Procedures

  • Home Team
    •  Groom field before the game.
    •  Must provide Umpire if one is not assigned.
    •  Provide 2 new game balls to plate umpire.
    •  Must keep official score book and record official start time of the game.
    •  Must report official scores to Minors VP following games.
    •  If a game cancellation/postponement/suspension, must lead rescheduling,
       inform Minors VP, Concession Manager (J. Barton), and Team Mom Manager (C. Laird).
       Verify with Minors VP regarding further notifications.
       Emmitsburg cancellations, must notify Cliff Sweeny promptly (240-447-1712, [email protected]).
    •  Assist Umpire in conveying local rules to visiting teams from other leagues.
  • Both Teams
    •  Responsible for grooming the field post-game.
       Repair pitcher’s mound & plate/base areas, and cover pitcher’s mound and plate area.
    •  Must coordinate for game rescheduling/postponement/suspension.
    •  Must record pitch counts, sign & file in the pitch book (checked by Minors VP weekly).
    •  Must notify Minors VP and UIC in case of game protest, or any other detrimental incident.
       Notify President of TLL within 24hrs (4.19 “Protesting A Game”).
    •  Must ensure field gates, bathrooms, shed/s, and clubhouse are locked and lights out if last to leave fields.

TLL Minor Division Baseball Rules

  • Game Time Limit
    •  Please start all games on time.
    •  Must document start time when first warm-up pitch is made under direction of the umpire.
    •  No new inning may start after 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • Five (5) runs per half-inning.
    •  A five (5) run rule will be in effect.  This is not a drop-dead situation when the fifth run scores, live play must end.
       Only five (5) runs are officially scored regardless of the number of runners crossing the plate.
  • Stealing Bases
    •  Runners may not steal bases (straight or delayed).
    •  Runners are allowed to advance on a passed ball and/or wild pitch.
       However, the ball must get away from the catcher to the point that he/she must physically get up to retrieve the ball.
    •  Players may only advance one base on a passed ball if moving from first to second or second to third, at their own risk.
       No limit on times per inning.
    •  One (1) successful steal home per inning (1-Runner per inning may advance home on a passed ball).
    •  A player may advance one base, at their own risk, if an errant throw occurs from the catcher to the pitcher.
       There is no limit on how many times an inning for any base, including home.
    •  Runner only has to get back their bag once the pitcher and ball are on top of the pitcher’s mound.
  • No Infield-Fly
  • Tie Games
    •  Games may end in a tie.
    •  Standings can be judged by assessing head-to-head runs scored and head-to-head runs allowed.
  • 8 Players
    •  Game may be started with 8 players, a 9th player may fully enter the game if late (local league option, 4.16, 4.17).
    •  If the opposing team has adequate players, one should be loaned to the other team for outfield assistance only (not for batting).
       The 9th position in the lineup shall not be charged and out for that turn at bat.
  • Continuous Batting Order (CBO)
    •  A continuous batting order (CBO) shall be used for TLL Minors Baseball.
    •  The “Courtesy Runner” rule (pitcher/catcher on base sub, with 2 outs) dictates that the sub will be the last out.
  • If a pitcher walks 5 consecutive batters in an inning…
    •  An offensive coach shall pitch the remainder of the inning and the pitcher shall not re-enter as pitcher.
    •  The coach is required to pitch at a velocity that puts the ball on a flat or downward plane (No Arc).
    •  The coach will give each batter 5 pitches.
    •  If a batter strikes out at any point prior to the 5th pitch, he/she is out.
       (example: if the batter strikes out on the third pitch, he/she will not get the 4th or 5th pitch).
    •  If the 5th pitch results in a foul ball, the at-bat shall continue until the ball is put in play or a strike out occurs.
    •  There are no walks recorded during coach pitch (Umpire remains in position for strike calls).
    •  Runners may not advance on a passed ball/wild pitch during coach pitch.
  • In the event that a pitcher hits 3 batters in an inning, he/she will be removed from the position.
    •  Hit batters will also be factored into the 5 walk maximum.
       (example: if pitcher walks 3 batters & hits 2, he/she will be removed from that position & unable to re-enter the game as a pitcher).
    •  For CBO, an injured batter/runner who cannot take 1st base shall be replaced by the last out made.
       (RIM Instructor Comment 4.04).  Rule 6.08(b) does not address substitution for batter hit by pitch.


  • Safety First!  Be aware of all Little League safety rules.  In particular protective gear, wearing of “cups”, & “on deck” batters.
  • ONLY bats with USA Baseball logo are to be used!
  • Mercy run rule:  15 run lead after 3-1/2 innings, 10 run lead after 4-1/2 innings.
  • No uncaught (dropped) third strike at Minors.
  • Calling time will not be monitored but please be judicious in its use.
  • New pitchers get 8 warm-up pitches.  Returning pitchers will follow LL rule of one minute or umpire discretion.

Major Division Baseball

Major Division Overview
The Major Division, also referred to as Little League Baseball, is the most visible level of baseball in the Little League organization.  Players from this level are eligible to compete for entrance into the Little League World Series.  This level can have a high, fast-paced level of competition.  Players ages 9-12 are eligible to participate in the Major Division.  Players must participate in a Player Evaluation prior to the season to be eligible to play at this level.  A full schedule of games are provided during the season.  Scores and standings are kept.  Successful teams often have opportunities to play in postseason games, such as the Tournament of Champions.  Players at this level are also eligible to be selected on an all-star team.  All-star teams represent the league in the district tournament, and may possibly proceed to state, regional and LLWS tournaments.  

TLL Major Division Rules
• Follow the current Little League rule book

• 15-Run rule after the completion of 3 innings


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